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Penny Dugan, Director                     

I am the founder of New Jerusalem Missions. We are just starting our 32nd year of ministry. Now, everything we have had planned for The Dwelling Place we have pioneered and are ready to Show His Love to all those marginalized by society.


I have three amazing children who have married three amazing spouses and blessed me with 6 Grandchildren who are amazing (hope this isn’t just a grandma’s perspective). All who are grown up now (just about). I have been blessed to work WITH God and those He brings to partner with Him here at New Jerusalem Missions. Since He called me to start this work back in 1992, I had no idea where, what or how He was asking me to do this work but his faithfulness has been shown over and over.

Tamara Redding

Food Program Manager and Volunteer Coordinator. I oversee Loaves and Fish Cafe and Zacchaeus' Market. We serve lunch and dinner Monday through Friday at Loaves and Fish Cafe and Zacchaeus’ Market, our free grocery store. I plan meals and grocery lists, order food, and keep the free grocery store stocked. I also work with our volunteers and cook

lunch and dinner when we don’t have volunteers. I am grateful that I get to see God at work. I love helping people meet their basic needs as a tangible way to show God’s love.


I started at NJM in 2020. I felt called into missions after my department was closed down due to COVID-19. It was a leap of faith to raise my support. At times it feels like being on a trapeze with no safety net. But God is always there. My faith and trust in God have grown over the last few years. I lead a small group at my church and I am getting theological training and mentoring there as well. I have a podcast, Midwestern Missionary. I have a wonderful group of close friends who are as dear as family to me. Their love and support mean so much to me. I am so grateful for the life that God has led me to.


Kerri Hurd

I was born and raised right here in Newton, KS.  I attended Cloud County Community College and after graduation, I moved to Loveland, Colorado.  Like a lot of young people, I just wanted to have fun.  I didn't "need" church.  Praise God, he put praying people in my life. 

I have the privilege of being the Office Administrator at New Jerusalem Missions. I have my hand in every aspect of the ministry whether it’s helping guests shop for groceries in our free grocery store, helping them choose clothes in our clothes closet, or showing them furniture. I occasionally help prepare and/or serve meals as well. Being present for all of this also makes it where I see miracles daily and witness God working among our residents and others we serve.

I started volunteering at NJM several years ago with a few of my friends by cooking a meal once a month. That turned into volunteering in the office once a week, which eventually led to being full-time staff (volunteer) in April of 2021.

My husband passed away in April 2023 and I am now in my first year of being a widow, learning to navigate my new life. 

Zoe Galleher

I am the newest member of NJM and the Grace Place coordinator. It is an honor to be part of such a wonderful organization. I started leading a 12-step meeting at NJM and it was about 6 months into the year when I overheard Penny wanting to start a transitional/sober living house for women.

That’s when I received my calling! God immediately compelled me to speak to Penny and ask to be involved in any way possible. My personal journey to God was impacted by a place very similar to Grace Place and is absolutely where I know God wants me to give back.


I'm getting the opportunity to share the love and grace of Jesus with women who have the same background as I do and I want nothing more than for them to be given the same freedom and inner peace that I have been given. Although my journey as a staff member here has just begun, I already feel loved and accepted and can’t wait to see what all God has in store for us!

Jeff Mitchell

Restoration Place coordinator. 

Bio Coming soon!

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If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us.
Office Phone: 316.282.2101
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