Services We Provide

Transitional Residence

Currently we offer rooms for men who are re-entering after incarceration, striving to overcome homelessness or  addiction, starting over and wanting a clean/sober environment. Each man living in this transformation residence is encouraged to work a program focused on accomplishing his own goals. In this program, we provide meals, laundry space and a common area for the men to fellowship. This community style living is the perfect place for any man hoping for a fresh start with support. Each man contributes to the mission financially to assist with daily needs.

Loaves and Fish Cafe

We provide a safe space for families and individuals to come and eat a balanced meal for lunch and dinner. We have volunteer cooks from around the community and are always willing to receive more! Our staff works tirelessly to ensure that this space in a loving community environment. 

Second Chance

A resource room where everything from household items to clothing are offered free to encourage those starting over or just in need of a hand up! Donations accepted and given by appointment. Please call our office if you have a donation, or come by and check out Second Chance!

Ukukhanya Life Care Centre

A Non-Profit Organization in South Africa started in 2008. This project is to be a light in the darkness - from John 1:5 (the Message) -to those affected by AIDS. In the midst of hopelessness, it is the church bringing the love and hope of Jesus to those in the community. ULCC is located in a township of Durban, South Africa. It has a population of about 500,000, of which 47% is HIV positive.

South Africa

We offer the annual opportunity to do a three- week outreach in Durban, South Africa. Within our three week outreach, we engage in community development and building around our hospice /life care center. We often host orphan camps for the children living in the township. Click the learn more button to contact our outreach coordinator!

Hosting Outreach Teams

We provide space for youth groups and other service teams to come serve and learn more about the ministry we do. We have a wide range of outreach opportunities that will fit any group large or small. Click the learn more button to contact our outreach coordinator!

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