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HIV/AIDS prevention 101


69 million people will die of AIDS by 2020. The highest new infection rate is among young people ages 12 to 24.

How HIV is Transmitted


Sexual Transmission: The exchange of body fluids through sexual activity is one of the main modes of transmission. Although HIV is found in other body fluid's (i.e. tears, sweat) it is not enough to cause infection. You can choose not to put yourself at risk by waiting until you are married to have sex and be sure you are marrying an uninfected person. Once married, remain faithful in that relationship. This is the only true safe sex. What about condoms? Obviously using condoms is safer than not using condoms, but they are only about 16% effective in keeping girls from getting pregnant (1 in 6), the HIV virus is smaller than sperm, and it only takes one time for a condom to fail, and you could be infected.

Blood to Blood Transmission: One of the main modes of transmitting HIV is though the sharing of needles (especially in IV drug use). If one is using IV drugs the only way to protect themself is by using clean needles and only one person using them. HIV can also be spread through used needles for tattooing, piercing, and "blood brother" rituals. Anything that allows you to put someone else's blood directly into your blood stream can cause infection (even sharing razors). The good news is that the blood supplies for transfusions and donations are now tested and screened, so the chance of getting contaminated blood in the US is unlikely.

Mother to Baby: Babies can become infected from their mother in the uterus and through breast milk after birth. If a mother is positive for the virus, she can get on drug therapy from her doctor and reduce the risk of infecting the baby. In addition, a baby born to an infected mother can be put on a therapy after delivery and greatly reduce the risk of infection. Mothers that are infected should not breastfeed.

If you or a family member is HIV/AIDS positive and need someone to talk to or would like additional information concerning the HIV/AIDS virus please feel free to contact us.

Speaking Engagements

Help is Here: New Jerusalem Missions is available for private speaking engagements to further the awareness of HIV/AIDS and provide testimony and wisdom to confront the virus where it has not yet struck and to heal where it has. Please contact us for more information.

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