{ the mission

To show the Love of Jesus to people affected by AIDS by providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support. This mission statement was created and carefully chosen back in 1992. We carefully picked the word affected, knowing we wanted to show His Love to a lost and dying world (not just those infected).

Physical Support: We care for people with AIDS. A hospice, a group home, home care, food, clothing, meeting the real needs of those with AIDS (and those affected). Now we are reaching out globally, helping caregivers tend to orphans of those stolen by AIDS as well as the infected person.

Emotional Support: We counsel people affected by this disease, to understand God's love and help them cope with the illness. In testing, in educating, in bringing awareness, in coordinating their health care services as well as assistanting with other needs.

Spiritual Support: Our goal is to be Ambassadors of Christ, introducing people to the One who will never leave us nor forsake us, the One who died so we can have eternal life, the One who brings hope to the hopeless, a father to the fatherless, who covers our shame, died for our sins and wants a relationship with us! We minister Life, Hope and His Love through practically serving and caring for people, praying with them for their needs and healing. Some of our core values are Unconditional Love, Hope And Faith in Jesus Christ; Dignity and Respect (treating all people with dignity); Hospitality (showing kindness and serving others); Relationship (with one another and Jesus).

New Jerusalem Missions wants to bring life, we want to see His Kingdom come to Earth and we believe that will be done through His church, His people, who are followers of the gospel and person of Jesus. As the Lord leads us to go relate to others and help equip them and relate with them as we attempt to show the Love of Jesus in their country or community and help put Christ in the crisis of the AIDS pandemic. We are a world affected by this disease and the Answer is Jesus.